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The sandwich is one of the most loved street-foods in the world: here are the reasons for claim “The authentic Italian passion”.

Sandwiches do not fear current trends. They have been present in our Country from time immemorial, long before the arrival of other fast-food activities: an important factor for who wants to invest in the sector, especially during periods of economic recession. It is no coincidence that sandwich shops are in constant growth (Assofranchising report 2016).

A fine sandwich shop allows working in contact with the public without great efforts and without requiring previous experience in the field: the products are easy to prepare and sell, the range is complete without being excessive, the management of the sales point is simplified.

Brand “Passione Panino” is highly distinctive thanks to the frequent openings on the national territory. It boasts a modern, neat, essential image, sophisticated and pop at the right point. The perception is to be a fast-food of crafts quality.

The close affiliation with the owners, who follow the franchisees step-by-step, and the possibility to obtain preferential bank loans to open a “Passione Panino” store are other two key benefits that drove many new entrepreneurs in a short time, to invest in the brand.

The points of strength of Passione Panino franchising

- Initial investment starting from 29,000
- No entry and royalty fees
- Simple and innovative store layout
- Quick and affordable set-ups and transactions
- Quality additional products (desserts, craft beers)
- “La Granda” (from Slow Food)
- Possibility to increase the average daily sales with Pepino ice-creams, historic ice-cream shop from Turin, founded in 1894 that created   "Pinguino”

Characteristics of the sales point

- Location: historic centres with high pedestrian flows or shopping centres
- Sizes: from 50 square metres or bigger
- Set-ups: simple, distinctive design and welcoming, with visual images showing the product
- The store does not require a chimney outlet
- After choosing the store and based on the report of our architectural office, the designers prepare the rendering for building the sales   point
- Franchising: Estimated timeframe 60-90 days from signing the franchise contract

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The exclusive purchase portal

Thanks to the portal exclusively dedicated to franchisees, it is possible to order and pay directly in just a few clicks for all the supplies to manage the activity, with delivery to the store free of charge.

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